Tina McFarlane

Tina McFarlane

The Magicians Table

Magic may be dead in Fillory – If you’re watching one of my favorite shows, The Magicians¬†– but it’s not dead in my scene!

I started modeling this ages ago when I was still in school. It was meant to be as a lighting scene in my demo, but due to a technical glitch between Maya and Windows 10, I lost the use of Maya for almost an entire 3-month term and had to scrap the idea due to time.

I decided that with my spare time, I had the chance to learn Arnold and render the scene! I plan on creating the Lighting Reel I never got the chance to do. I wanted to have something that was entirely made by me, and not the standard free scenes that get passed around a lot.

The render came out great, and I’m pretty proud of it. I will be creating a breakdown soon and with any luck, in time for SparkFx.