Tina McFarlane

The Magicians Table

Magic may be dead in Fillory – If you’re watching one of my favorite shows, The Magicians – but it’s not dead in my scene!

I started modeling this ages ago when I was still in school. It was meant to be as a lighting scene in my demo, but due to a technical glitch between Maya and Windows 10, I lost the use of Maya for almost an entire 3-month term and had to scrap the idea due to time.

I decided that with my spare time, I had the chance to learn Arnold and render the scene! I plan on creating the Lighting Reel I never got the chance to do. I wanted to have something that was entirely made by me, and not the standard free scenes that get passed around a lot.

The render came out great, and I’m pretty proud of it. I will be creating a breakdown soon and with any luck, in time for SparkFx.

New Work Coming Soon!

Originally I wanted some Lighting scenes in my demo reel, but my home computer was having some technical issues with Maya, so I had to scrap that idea due to time & grad.


But since I’ve been done I’ve been teaching myself Arnold.  Here’s a preview of the scene so far. It’s coming along nicely.

Stock Photography

Anyone in my family knows that Photography is thick in our blood. We have literally thousands of family photos dating back to the late 1930’s.

So it’s no surprise I picked up the bug. Near the end of my VFX Studies, I bought myself a Canon EOS T5i and it’s gone everywhere with me since then. I do a lot of urban exploration with my best friend, or just photograph her band at gigs. I was left with a dilemma… What do I do with all of my photos?

I decided to sell them as Stock Photography. It’s not a get-rich-fast sort of thing, mind you. It’ll be slow, and if anything it will mostly be pocket money. But for now, it’s a nice little excuse to keep the hobby going.

I’m picky about the photos I upload on the site because they’re also picky. However, I’m slowly building a portfolio with what I have in the meantime.

Check out my DreamsTime profile.

Demo Reel

After two long years of studying, here is my completed VFX Demo Reel.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me finish it!