Tina McFarlane

Tina McFarlane

Your Weather Window

Just a cool announcement – Last week, my bumblebee photo was featured on Global BC. I was the weather window that night!

Funny thing is, it was a completely random photo. I wasn’t planning to shoot the bee. I was actually trying to get a hummingbird that was around moments before. As the bird took off, I noticed the little bee sitting there on the flower and quickly snapped the pic.



I didn’t have very long to prepare. It was fairly windy that day and if I disturbed the little guy, he would have taken off. I only have an 18-55 kit lens, so I had to get close to the bee without bothering it. There was absolutely no processing or editing in the photo. It’s completely RAW.

It was still a fun little 15 seconds to be featured. I was at work at the time, but my phone was going non stop.