Your Weather Window

Just a cool announcement – Last week, my bumblebee photo was featured on Global BC. I was the weather window that night! Funny thing is, it was a completely random… Read more

A new shot

I’m not exactly the most creative when it come’s to giving a title to something, so, anyway, here’s my latest shot!   


Spark FX 2018

I had a wonderful experience for my first time at Spark FX. Thank you to everyone I talked to, whether it was just advice, chatting, or a possible lead. I… Read more


The Magicians Table

Magic may be dead in Fillory – If you’re watching one of my favorite shows, The Magicians – but it’s not dead in my scene! I started modeling this ages ago… Read more


New Work Coming Soon!

Originally I wanted some Lighting scenes in my demo reel, but my home computer was having some technical issues with Maya, so I had to scrap that idea due to time… Read more


Stock Photography

Anyone in my family knows that Photography is thick in our blood. We have literally thousands of family photos dating back to the late 1930’s. So it’s no surprise I… Read more


Demo Reel

After two long years of studying, here is my completed VFX Demo Reel. Thank you to everyone who has helped me finish it!